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Himal Tea Industries Pvt. Ltd., the oldest exporter and speciality manufacturer, blender and packager of quality Nepalese tea, on Thursday launched its Rakura brand of Heavenly Classic teas packed in the nation’s first double-chambered tea bags.
“We’ve reimagined Nepalese tea again,” said R.K. Rathi, Founder and Chairman of the company. “Our expertise of over 40 years in passionately producing and exporting quality Nepalese tea around the globe has helped us serve you with one of the finest tea drinking experience in the world in its best form.”
Also speaking on the occasion, Managing Director, Neeraj Rathi added, “We’ve painstakingly worked at every detail from the drawing board and up, thus I can assure you that this is the best thing to happen to Nepalese tea since Nepalese tea.”
Rakura Heavenly Classics features Nepal’s finest teas in 3 original flavours of Green, Black and CTC and come with an amazing amount of innovation such as odorless rapid release filter paper, surgical grade antimicrobial aluminum wires, unbleached pure cotton thread as well as food grade tags that are made from natural fibers. Moreover, the fascinating food grade, biodegradable cartons – the materials for which are obtained from sustainable sources – include tamper proof tear away locks and food-safe 3 layer, widely recyclable aluminum foil that block moisture, odor and germs to assure a freshness ensuring package. Besides, Rakura tea bags are completely compostable. Putting them in the soil or in your potted plants will not only nurture your plants but will also assist in minimizing your waste.
Rakura Heavenly Classic teas will be available in 10, 25 and 100 double-chambered teabag packs in Green, Black and CTC flavours and will be launched from 37 selected stores at major locations in Kathmandu from Friday. The company has expansion plans all across the capital in the coming days, for a suggested retail price of NPR 55 to NPR 190, depending upon the variant and volume of the offering. nepalnews
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